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Treatment and Training


  • 社交技巧訓練 如: social thinking (兒童至青少年)

  • 情緒為本訓練 (兒童至青少年)

  • 兒童認知行為治療

  • 兒童減壓技巧

  • 行為分析與行為治療

  • 轉介服務,如轉介到社署之早期訓練中心 (EETC)

After assessment, we will jointly set up treatment or training plan with the child's need and family condition, including:

  • Social skills training, e.g. social thinking, methods in handling social frustration (child to adolescent)

  • Emotional-based training (child to adolescent)

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for children

  • Stress management for children

  • Behavioral analysis and behavioral therapy

  • Referral service, e.g. referral to Early Education Training Centre under Social Welfare Department 

child treatment plan: Welcome
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